E​-​Fluent & Myneframe Present: Both Sides Of The Coin (Hosted by DJ Nizzle)

by E-Fluent & Myneframe




E-Fluent & Myneframe's BOTH SIDES OF THE COIN is the 1st collaborative effort between the 2 Upstate NY MC's. Hosted by Coast2Coast's DJ Nizzle and featuring Miranda Welch, T. Griz, and Stevie Z, the tape flows seamlessly through its 20+ tracks.
When the Duo trade bars, the payoff is well worth the listen. And they're chemistry on the microphone is definitely evident in tracks such as "Darkest Hour", "607", "Forgotten", and "It's That Deep".
Being That this is Myneframe's 1st official release, his hunger is unrelenting throughout the whole project. As Heard on solo tracks such as "On Top Of The World", "Go Hard" and "My Story". Myneframe proves on every verse that he is destined for big things.
As for E-Fluent, this is his 6th official release in the last 19 months. The Maturity and growth that he's achieved in that time can be heard on his stand out solo cuts "Right At Home", "Cupid's App", and "As We Grow".
All in all BOTH SIDES OF THE COIN gives you exactly what it promises....2 totally different and unique perspectives on society and life in this day and age


released 29 November 2011




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e-fluent Binghamton, New York

E-Fluent ... 26 year-old MC from Upstate NY.
Discography speaks for itself. My 11th project THE LANDING, is available now. Producers send beats to: efluent607@gmail.com

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Track Name: Purple Freestyle
Black an red bottles of remy, hollows, and empty chambers
Whole world love me right now, but they’ll forget me later
Do the knowledge, and respect the anger brought forth
Stickin to the path, don’t let the danger veer you off course
God and satan is one. I contemplated the sun
For several years, now I’m finally done
Time has come to put your squabbles aside. try swallowin pride
Look to the stars, always follow your guide
And once the planet implodes ,you’ll be able to teleport from it
Higher thoughts on that hella short budget. we workin
Other than death theres nothing for certain
Hustlers left they’re customers hurtin. u gotta rise above it
Put on a front like we heartless, liein to the public
The things we do to survive.
We all animals out here. we truly alive god
It’s reps to uphold, we aint shootin the 5 dog
I stepped in the role, as the Luciferic advocate
Deeper with the topics than u used to hearin rappers get
that’s cuz I’m different and smarter.
Matter fact, you may never find as gifted an author again.
I hope you do though, from Saturn out thru Pluto, mars,
An passed mercury, government wants to murder me
Covenant 33rd degree , mason’s I’m not afraid of
I’m in the kitchen with Haitians that’s rockin cane up
Poppin lames from a distance with the smithen rifle
Nowadays in this game cats is getting trifle
Rats is snitchin, vital information leaked
All it takes is false threats an you can penetrate the weak minded
Revolution never happens we just keep diein
But as long as pigs is clappin I’m a keep firin’
Modern day doughboy before he wifed nia in them kids movies
nike sneakers and a crisp uzi
Flights lead us to our gigs, groupies gather round
Kickin back listenin to Big . doobie ash and clouds
E-Fluent is a man of great principles
Try to keep cool but the hammers stay clickin tho
reservoir runnin we dumpin a hunnid magazines
Metaphors jumpin its nothing that I let stand between
Me an my music I’m lightin trees with the crew an
Reciting schemes that was ruined from nights when we was elusive of fame
Embrace the spotlight now let the truest of pain speak to um
Through with the game valleys an peaks movin
Keep boozing cheap student learn you for a library fee
Work too back when I was the primary g
But the rhythms thick as blood within my bianary genes
they conspired every scheme, every liar, every fiend
Every fire comin clean out it
I aint gotta watch inception to know my dreams clouded
Foreshadow the future in every track I write
More battles the losers know that I have to fight for um
Keep rappin keep writin them fire bars
Read classics realize that this life is ours
It’s twice as hard getting back up after your last fall
Focused on getting madd drunk after the last call
Can’t stall now or never’s what time it is/ y’all need to catch up yo u better rewind my Shhh
Track Name: Right At Home (Prod By Evolve One)
Somebody told me once that music’s an extension of the body and mind
I load a swat and take a shot of some Bacardi an lime
Then toast the lost and everybody gone from us too quick
member cloud hoppin’ trippin offa 1 or 2 strips
Under those tints is problems yo
Once it gets to poppin no-
Bodys gonna stop it till at least a dozen shots unload
So lets all take a breath and a step back
Can’t win um all and I’ve learned to accept that
The humble in me always advise
While the trouble in me always wanna scuffle for pride
That shit is young kid
Shorty got her hand on the same spot where the gun sit
Not anymore I never need it in my current life
chicks that’s in bikinis getting weeded letting purple light
I could rap a fuckin circle round this world twice
An still go another million miles a minute with
The jargon and my squadron we the illest left that’s kickin it
Hope that chall can witness it when microphones is christened it’s a sight to be seen
That’s why I fight for my dream
Cam told me from the jump I need to follow my passion
That’s fam no matter what. Salute with hammers up
We used to grammin up. me, I’m tryin to leave it
I won’t spend another second of my time in the precinct
Too expensive for that, true the essence is back
Finally music with a message not that estrogen rap
I mean how many ho’s and bitches, clothes and riches can you stomach y’all
Rappin how they grindin, then they hit me up for somethin' small?
I ain’t sellin nothin’ caught up in that selfish hustlin
Title holder, rightful owner, think I got the belt for nothin?
Six07 back like I been here
Just in time for winter and the wrath of the dead Tier